Our story

The “Tenuta Fulcera” estate, was founded in 1997 from the desire to recover an old vineyard on the family lands in Bertinoro, in the hills of Forlì in Romagna. Lands which can boast of a good position and of a wine making history. Convinced of the potentials of the Bertinoro territory, and in particular of the family estate surrounding the old country home, an estate which is so well exposed and with such a varying soil (clayey in certain areas, then silty in others, with extreme slopes in some points, that then are also gentler and more rolling in others) the family decided to dedicate the entire land to vineyards with the aim of achieving total Quality.

We produce prestigious wines, for enriching both the taste buds and the soul.

Our aim?
To create something unique in its diversity.

Where it all began

After carrying out the necessary analyses on the suitability of the microclimate and of the soil, with the aim of creating something unique in its diversity, we planted the first Sangiovese vines according to a high density plantation (6,500 plants/ha) with an incredible 7 different clones implanted on 3 different vine stocks, in order to obtain a variety of features from soils of different types.
The year after, we started with Merlot, with young plants from France with 3 different clones and some Negretto Longanesi, typical grapes from the plains of Romagna. At the end of 1998, we were working with 12 ha of vineyards on one single block of land exposed South, South/East.

We are now seriously in business!

With the arrival of our friend Ignazio Borghesi (a Neurosurgeon with a love of wine) in 2003 we began our first vinification in steel vats and we also started testing French durmast barrels and special “tonneaux” barrels. The results were encouraging.
Then in 2007 the winemaker Franco Calini helped us to define our wine making aims through the identification of the best vineyard lots. We then perfected the vinification techniques and launched 3 labels: Sangiovese Superiore, Nero (Sangiovese, Longanesi and Merlot) and Riserva di Sangiovese. We were soon turning out 12,000 bottles.
In 2014 it was time for Roberto Ronchi to join the team. He helped us to develop the commercial side of the business, and we were up to 7 wine types. We added Bariero (Merlot Riserva), Nerone (Longanesi Riserva), Xanto (a Sangiovese Liqueur) and Matildin a white Chardonnay. We were up to the 22,000 bottle mark.

Our first vinifications

Our philosophy

We are a “small” wine estate, in the search of excellence by means of the following principles:

  • A correct agronomic management (low yield and hand-picking harvest).
  • A careful selection of the grapes (always selected by hand) and of the best vineyard lots. We can boast of using only 10% of the grapes grown, the rest is supplied to other wine making businesses.
  • Innovation and an obsessive attention in the cellars.
  • Patience, quality and perfect timing when it comes to bottling.

Our products are bottled only when we believe they are at their very best and in the right vintages, for example our Sangiovese Superiore is bottled at least one year after its vinification.